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• Made by UVEX by Honeywell
• Rectangular wrap-around shape
• Unisex
• Clear frame front with black along the top and black temples
• Pliable wrap temple
• Foam cushion at the inside top of frame front, for comfort and absorption
• Full rim frame in safety plastic
• Meets ANSI Z87.1 – 2015 Standard for impact protection
• Side shields to protect from debris from any angle
• Progressive friendly
• Comes with two sets of replacement nose pads

Titmus SW06E safety glasses combine comfort and durability to keep you safe throughout a long day of work. Their rectangular wraparound shape protects you against debris and high-velocity impact from many angles. This high-quality model of Titmus safety eyeglasses offer the highest standard of protection to both men and women working in high-risk occupations.

The Titmus SW06E features a pliable wrap temple to maximize security and comfort. The clear frames help to maintain the integrity of your peripheral vision, while the black coloring at the top and temples of the frame provides a bold, modern look. Titmus ANSI-rated safety glasses are laboratory tested to meet and exceed the strict requirements of the American National Standards Institute. The SW06E model of Titmus safety glasses is equipped with side shields to protect you from the dangerous impacts you may not see coming. The entire frame is constructed from sturdy, dependable safety plastic perfect for construction sites, science laboratories, and much more.

These popular, highly rated Titmus safety eyeglasses are compatible with your prescription and can be outfitted with progressive lenses. Comfort takes high priority without sacrificing protection and style. Two replacement sets of nose pads ensure your safety glasses will remain comfortable and rest securely on your face throughout extended use. Titmus SW06E safety glasses are part of Safety Lens USA commitment to keeping workers safe across all industries. Our mission is to decrease the number of workplace accidents and limit the severity of injuries suffered by manual laborers. Invest in the health and safety of your employees or yourself with top-of-the-line safety glasses from Titmus.

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